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Ian Byrne Coaching

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About Ian

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present”

Ian is a Health & Performance consultant who has spent;

  • Six years working as a Physical Education, Science, & Biology teacher. For two of these years, he operated as a Wellness Educator in the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers) alongside his teaching job.

  • Two years lecturing at University level in Health and Human Performance, with additional years of experience working as a teacher educator and facilitator. 

  • Four years running his own Health consultancy business.

Ian holds qualifications in

  • PE & Biology teaching

  • Personal Training

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Life & Executive Coaching, and an

  • MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition.

He has both national and international coaching experience.

  • He has won 10 national titles, 5 in soccer in which he also represented his country at underage level, and 5 in futsal in which he has made over 20 senior international appearances.

  • Ian has captained his country in UEFA qualifiers and his club in the futsal UEFA Champions League.

  • During his University education, he was the recipient of an elite sports scholarship and played for the Irish universities.

  • Whilst in DCU, he received the prestigious best sports scholar award in the university as well as being named best contributor to sport.

With a balance of his own performance and coaching experience; mixed with his academic background and qualifications, Ian stepped away from education and set up his own performance consultancy business, Optimeize. With a combination of practical and academic experience, he develops strategies and systems underpinned by evidence-based processes to facilitate sports, education, and business performance.

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To empower individuals, athletes and teams to make informed decisions that support them in reaching their physical and psychological performance potential.



To construct world-class national and international people and performers that compete for the top titles in their respective life and sporting disciplines.


P: Plan-every-detail

E: Evidence-Based

R: Relationships-first

F: Failure-seeking

O: Openness

R: Responsibility

M: Marginal-Gains



(What's Important Now). Be solution focused. Live in the present moment.


Give the best of your time and energy to each person and with each interaction. Act with honesty, empathy, kindness, and morality. Do the right thing by individuals in your care.


Be relentless with your desires, efforts, and work ethic. Trust and persist with the process. No effort error excuses are allowed!



P: Plan-every-detail

E: Evidence-Based

R: Relationships-first

F: Failure-seeking

O: Openness

R: Responsibility

M: Marginal-Gains

Mission, Vision, Values, Process Principles

Clients Ian has worked with:

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